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Active Streets

Cherry Street
High Holborn Street (To Cherry Street)
Robinson Street
Neal Street (Beech St to Winter St)
Beech Street
A portion of Washington Avenue ( Beech St. to Elm St)
A portion of Elm Street (Washington Ave to Central St)
Central Street (To Walnut St.)
Church Street (To Mechanic St)
A portion of Water Street
Vine Street
Prospect Street
Dennis Street
Kingsbury Street
Pleasant Street
School Street
Dresden Avenue
Danforth Street (Dresden Ave to Lincoln St)
Lincoln Street (Last Customer)
Winter St
Summer St
Elm St ( Washington Ave to Central St.)
Maple St
Oak St
Pine St
Spruce St
Washington Ave. ( Beech St. to Elm St.)
Temple Street ME-27 (201)
Greenville Street
Middle Street
Union Street
Page Street
Pleasant Street
Lincoln Street
Winthrop Street
Spring Street
Central Street
Academy Street
Mayflower Road
Central Street
Hillcrest Street
Chestnut St
Summer St
Grove St
2nd Street (Lincoln Street to Ridge Road)
Arborside Drive
Depot Road
Johnson Road
Knight Ledge
Rock Circle
Route 1
Rt 88/Foreside
Shady Lane
Town Landing
Valley Avenue
Wisteria Lane
West Elm-Partial
Bridge St
Summer St
West Main St
Willow St
Yankee Lane
Forest Falls
Ryan Rd.
Melissa Rd.
Rogers Rd.
Gail Rd.
Leighton Rd
North Rd
Bayview Place
Juniper Drive
Water Street
Industrial Drive
No. Circle Drive
Sturtevant Drive
Williams Street
MacKenzie Avenue
Hillside Drive
Sanderson Drive
Bickford Drive
Kelley St
Lawrence Ave
Main St
College Avenue
Elm Street (To Western Ave)
Spring Street
Water Street (To Healy Ct)
Columbia Street
Park Street (from Elm St. to Pleasant St)
Pleasant Street (from Park Street to Gilman St)
Gilman Street (from Pleasant St to Bridge)
Mayflower Hill (partial)
Campus Drive
Getchell Street
Main Street
Johnson Heights
Chase Avenue
Linden Street
Eastern Avenue
Oakland Street
Cool Street
Western Avenue
Kennedy Memorial Drive
Noyes Avenue
Newland Avenue
Burleigh Street
Heath Street
Bartlett Street
West Street
Charland Terrace
Averill Terrace
Mount Merici Avenue
Pleasant Street
Village Green Rd
Ryan Drive
Ames Drive
Elm Street
Silver Street
Redington Street
Summer Street
Eustis Parkway
Forest Park
Morrill Avenue
Violette Ave
Brigham St
Clearview Avenue
Lloyd Rd
N Riverside Dr.
Francis St
Russell St
Cedar St
W. River Rd.
Matthews Avenue
Main St (from Johnson Heights to Railroad tracks)
Silver St
Sherwin St
Silver Place
Highland Ave. (partial)
Madison Avenue
Learners Lane
Rt. 43 from Cemetery to River Road
River Road from Rt. 43 to Back Yard Farms
Johnson Street
Off of Cony St, a 4” and 2” run heading to Farrington School
A small portion of Lafayette Street
Trueworthy Avenue
A portion of Townsend Street
Windy Street
Glen Street
Stone Ridge Drive
Haskell Street
Melville Street
Bridge Street (Partial)
North Street
Blaine Avenue (Winthrop St. to Green St.)
Winthrop Street (Airport Rd to Blaine Ave)
Camp Keys
Pearl Street
Patterson Street
Greenlief Street
School Street
Murray Street
Quimby Street
Gedney Street
US 201 Bangor Street
Highland Avenue
Summer Street
Pleasant Street
Oak Street
Flagg Street
Brooklawn Avenue
Fairbanks Street
Gage St
Swan St
Noyes St
Noyes Ct
Manley St
Washington St.
Monroe St.
Franklin St.
Jefferson St.
Kendall St.
Winthrop St (Winter up to High St.)
A portion of Maple St
Balsam Drive
Baxter Lane
Birch Lane
Blanchard Road
Candlewick Lane
Carol Street
Carriage Road
Concord Circle
Cottage Farm
Country Charm
Crossing Brook
Cumberland Commons
Drowne Road
Farwell Avenue
Friar Lane
Hawthorne Court
Labrador Lane
Lantern Lane
Lawn Avenue
Linda Street
Linden Court
Longview Street
Main Street
Maple Street
Meadow Lane
Oak Street
Ole Musket Road
Pine Lane
Prince Street
Red Mill Way
Rt 88/Foreside Road
Sea Cove
Sparhawk (Only Service Off Cottage Farm Rd)
Tuttle Road
Winterberry Court
Woodside Drive
Wyman Way

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