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Active Streets with Natural Gas

Armory Rd
Arsenal St
Baldwin St
Bangor St
Bangor St Plaza
Blaine Ave
Blaisdell St
Bridge St
Brooklawn Ave
Camp Keys
Capital St
Chapel St
Charles St
Child St
Church St
Civic Center Dr
Commerce Dr
Community Dr
Cony St
Court St
Cushman St
Drew St
Ellis Ave
Enterprise Dr
Fairbanks St
Flagg St
Fowler St
Franklin St
Gage St
Gannett St
Gedney St
Gilman St
Glen St
Glenwood St
Grande St
Gray St
Green St
Greenlief St
Greenwood Ct
Greenwood St
Haskell St
Hicks Rd
Highland Ave
Howe St
Hudson St
Industrial Dr
Jefferson St
Kendall St
Lafayette (Partial)
Laurel St
Malta St
Manley St
Meliville St
Meliville St & Western Ave
Mill St
Monroe St
Mount Vernon Ave
Murdock St
Murray St
Myrtle St
North St
North Belfast Ave
Northern Ave
Noyes Ct
Noyes St
Oak St
Oxford St
Patterson St
Pearl St
Pet Haven Ln/Western Ave
Pierce Dr
Purinton Ave
Purinton Ave Ext
Pleasant St
School St
Sewall St
Shaws Plaza
South St
South Belfast Ave
South Chestnut St
South Grove St
Spring St
Stanley St
State St
Stone St
Stone Ridge Dr
Summer St
Swan St
Taylor St
Townsend Rd
Townsend St
Trurworthy Ave
US 201-Bangor St
Vaughn St
Viles St
Washington St
Water St
Water/Front St
West River Rd
Western Ave
Willow St
Windy St
Winter St
Winthrop St

Blanchard Rd. (Bruce Hill Rd. to Skillin Rd.)
Balsam Dr.
Birch Ln.
Blanchard Rd. (Bruce Hill Road to Main St.)
Broadmoor Dr.
Bruce Hill Road (Fairgrounds Rd. to Blanchard Rd.)
Candlewick Ln.
Carol St.
Carriage Rd. (350 ft. from Foreside Rd.)
Concord Cir.
Conifer Ridge Rd.
Cottage Farms Rd.
Country Charm Rd.
Crestwood Rd.
Crossing Brook Rd.
Cumberland Commons
Drowne Rd.
Fairgrounds Rd.
Farwell Ave.
Foreside Rd. (Falmouth Town line to Powell Rd.)
Friar Ln.
Glenview Rd. (Blanchard Rd. to Heather Ln)
Greely Rd. (I-295 to Middle Road)
Hallmark Rd.
Hawthorne Ct.
Hedgerow Dr.
Hemlock Dr.
Hillcrest Dr.
Island Pond Rd.
Labrador Ln
Lantern Ln.
Lawn Ave.
Linda St.
Linden Ct.
Lockwood Ln.
Longmeadow Rd.
Longview St.
Maeves Way
Main St. (Greely Rd to 1000 ft south of Tuttle Road)
Maple St.
Marion Cir.
Meadow Ln.
Meadow Way
Middle Rd. (Tuttle Rd. to Yarmouth Town line)
Oak St.
Ole Musket Rd.
Pine Lane
Pine Ridge Rd.
Pinewood Dr.
Powell Rd.
Prince St.
Race Horse Drive
Sea Cove Rd.
Stony Ridge Rd.
Tuttle Rd
Wildwood Blvd.
Winterberry Ct.
Woodside Dr.
Wyman Way
Coveside Rd.
Ole Musket Rd. (partial)
Pine Ridge Rd. (partial)
Russell Rd.
Spears Hill/ Beach Drive
Starboard Lane
Stony Ridge Rd. (partial)
Sunnyfield Lane
Val Halla Rd.
Bradbury Lane (Wyman Way – Village Green)
Greely Road Ext (Grove to Phillips)
Grove Street
Hillside Ave
Island Pond Road
Karole Lane
Casco Bay Drive
Chelsea Way
Patriot’s Way – Easement completed
Tacoma Way
Thomas Drive
US Route 1 N to Tyler
US Route 1 Addition- Cumberland
Deans Way
Castle Rock Drive
Skillin Road (Blanchard to Gray)
Gray Road (Skillin to Castle Rock)
Gray Road (Skillin to Forest)
Blackstrap (portion after Gray Road)
Middle Road

Bickford Drive
Center Road
Elm St.
Gilbreth St.
High Street
Hillside Drive
Industrial Drive
Kelley St.
Lawrence Ave.
MacKenzie Avenue
Main St. (partial)
Main Street (Nyle CT to County Line)
Mill St.
Newhall St.
North Circle Drive
Oakland Road
Old Center Road
Preble St.
Sanderson Drive
Sturtevant Drive
Summit Street
Water St. (Main St. to Community Center)
West St.
Western Avenue
Williams Street
Winchester St. (Partial off Elm St.)

206 Foreside Road – Brad Gilbert Development – MS
Amerscoggin Rd.
Applegate Lane
Arborside Dr.
Avon Rd.
Ayers Court
Bartlett Way
Brown St.
Bucknam Rd. (US 1 to Falmouth Fire Dept.)
Carmichael Avenue
Carroll St.
Casco Bay Drive (Rt 1 from existing pipe to Cumberland town Line)
Casco Ter.
Chester Ave.
Chestnut St.
Clearwater Dr.
Clearwater Dr. (Sanitary)
Colonial Village
Depot Rd. (partial)
Depot Rd. (US 1 to Lunt Rd.)
Edgewater Road
Ennis St.
Farmgate (Clearwater to Marigold)
Fern Ave.
Foreside Rd. (Handy Boat) (partial)
Foreside Rd. (Preservation Dr. to Cumberland Town Line)
Foreside Rd. (Route 1 to Thornhurst Rd)
Foreside Rd. (Thornhurst to Old Mill)
Foreside Road (Old Mill Road to Meadow Creek Lane)
Greenway Drive
Hammond Rd
Hartford Ave.
Hat Trick Drive
Hedgerow Dr.
Johnson Rd. (Foreside Rd. to US 1)
Kelley Road
Kilborn Way
Knight St.
Landing Woods Ln.
Ledge Rock Cir.
Mariner Lane (partial)
McKinley Rd.
Meadow Creek Lane
Menikoe Point Road
Mussel Cove Lane
Oak St. (partial)
Ocean St. (partial)
Old Route 1 Rd.
Payson Rd.
Phillips Rd.
Providence Ave.
Raymond Rd.
Reg Rock
Route 1 (Bayshore to Foreside)
Route 1 (Tidesmart)
Seaside Way
Shady Ln.
Shady Ln.
Sherburn Lane (partial)
Town Landing Rd. (Ayers Ct. to Foreside Rd.)
Underwood Rd. (Foreside Rd. to End)
Underwood Road
US 1 (Johnson Rd. to Colonial Village)
Valley Ave.
Waites Landing (Waters Edge to End)
Waites Landing Rd
Walcott Ave.
Whitney Rd.
Winslow Rd.
Wisteria Cir.

Greenville St
Maple St

Arcade Lane
Autumn St.
Beech St.
Bridge Street
Brunswick Avenue (Route 201) (Water Street to Laura E. Richards School)
Brunswick Ter.
Central St.
Cherry St.
Chestnut St.
Church St.
Clinton St.
Cobbossee Road (West Hill Road to Gardiner Area Middle School)
Danforth St.
Dennis St.
Dresden Ave.
Dresden Ave. (partial)
Elm St.
Green St. (partial – serves 1 service on High Holborn)
Highholborn St.
Highland Avenue (Route 201 to West Hill Road)
Hillcrest St.
Kingsbury St. (Pleasant St. to Dennis St.)
Library Street
Lincoln Ave.
Maple St.
Mechanic Street
Middle St.
Mt. Vernon St.
Neal St.
Oak St.
Pine St.
Plaisted St.
Pleasant St.
Prospect St.
Robinson St.
School St.
Spring St.
Spruce St.
Summer St.
Vine St.
Washington Ave.
Water St. (Chuch St. to Vine St.)
Water St. (Library Street to Kingsbury St)
Water Street – Sebago Lake Distillery
West Hill Road
Winter St

2nd Street (Winthrop Street to Temple Street)
Academy St.
Beech Street- Hallowell
Bridge St.
Central St.
Central St. (partial)
Chestnut St.
Choate Ln.
Elm Street
Garden Ln
Greenville Street (Water St to town line)
Grove St.
High St.
Hillcrest St.
Lincoln St.
Mayflower Rd.
Middle St.
Oakwood Drive
Page St.
Perleys Ln
Pleasant St.
Ridge Rd.
Row House Ln
Spring St.
Stickney Terrace
Summer St.
Temple Street
Union St.
Water St (Temple Street to Greenville Street)
Water Street (Augusta city line to Winthrop Street)
Winthrop St.

Garfield Street
Kennebec St. (Old Point Ave. to Pine St.)
Madison Avenue (Garfield to Main)
Main Street (Nichols to North)
Nichols St.
North Street
Park Street/Route 43
Pine St.
River Road
Weston Avenue (Main to Park)
Learners Ln.
Madison Ave.
Main St.
River Road
Main Street (Hannaford)

Ames Dr.
Appleton St.
Averill Ter.
Barnet Ave.
Bartlett St.
Boutelle Ave
Brescia Ct.
Brigham St.
Brightwood St
Broad St.
Brook St (Main St. to Ticonic St.)
Bruins Dr.
Burleigh St.
Carle St.
Carver St.
Cedar St.
Celtics Dr.
Center St.
Center Street
Chaplin St.
Charland Ter.
Chase Ave.
Cherry Hill Dr.
Cherry Hill Ter.
Clearview Ave.
Colby College
College Ave. (Columbia Rd- Main St)
Colonial St
Concourse St./West
Cool St.
Corvette Dr.
Crescent Street
Dunbar Ct.
Eaton Dr.
Edgemont Ave
Edgewood St.
Edwards St (Main St. to Ticonic St.)
Elm Court – (Belmont Ave) Waterville
Elm St.
Elmhurst St.
Elmwood Ave
Eustis Parkway
Fairmont St
First Rangeway
Ford Dr.
Forest Park
Francis St.
Front St.
Front St.
Front Street, Temple Court
Getchell St.
Gilman St.
Gold Street – Waterville
Harris St
Hathaway St.
Hathaway St.
Heath St.
Heather Dr.
High Street – Drummond Ave
Highland Ave.
Hillcrest St
Hillside Ave
Jacob Dr.
Jenness St
Johnson Hts.
Kelsey St
Kennedy Memorial Drive (1st Rangeway to Washington)
Kimball St. (partial)
Lafayette St
Lantern Ln
Leighton St.
Linden St.
Lloyd St.
Main St.
Main Street (Pine Tree Square)
Martin Ave.
Matthews Ave.
Mayflower Hill Dr.
Merryfield Ave.
Morrill St.
Mt. Merici Ave.
N. Riverside Dr.
Newland Ave.
Nicole Dr.
North St. (Sanger Ave. to Johnson Hts.)
North Street (Johnson Heights To Quarry Rd)
Noyes Ave.
Oak St
Oakdale St
Oakland St.
Park Place (Partial)
Park St.
Patriots Dr.
Pleasant St.
Pleasant St. (partial)
Pleasantdale Ave
Prospect St
Punky Lane
Quarry Rd.
Railroad Square
Red Sox Dr.
Redington St. (Silver St to Summer St)
Riverside Ave.
Riverview St
Roosevelt Ave
Russell St.
Ryan Dr.
Sanger Ave
Sherwin St.
Silver St.
Spring St.Connect
Summer St.
Sunset Ter.
Temple Court – 2014
Temple St.
Temple St. (partial)
Trafton Road Project (West River Road incl)
Ursula St.
Victoria Dr.
Village Green Dr.
Violette Ave.
W. River Road (Webb Rd to Jacob Dr)
Water St.
Water Street
Water Street – Waterville
Webb Rd.
Wentworth Court
West St.
Western Ave.
Western Ave. (partial) (includes Sisters Ct)
Westview Dr.
Winter St.
Yeaton St.

Acorn Circle
Amesbury Ct.
Anderson Ave
Applecrest Dr
Autumn Ln
Baker St.
Bartlett Circle
Bates St
Bayview Dr.
Bayview St. (partial)
Baywood Ln
Beech Tree Ln.
Bittersweet Circle
Bluff Road (plus East Main Street)
Bowdoin St
Boxwood Dr
Bridge St.
Bridge St.
Burlington Ct.
Burnell Drive
Cambridge Ct
Center St.
Church St. (Baker St. to Hillside St.)
Clipper Circle
Cumberland St (Woodbury to Hillside St.)
Cumberland St. (W. Elm St. to Baker St.)
Deacon Rd
Denmark Ct.
E. Elm St. (Leighton Rd to Melissa Dr.)
E. Elm St. (Main St. to Railroad Tracks)
E. Main St. (Main St. to Juniper Dr.)
Ellen Cir.
Essex Ct.
Evergreen Dr.
Fairfield Ct.
Forest Falls Dr.
Gables Dr.
Gail Ln.
Garrison Lane (Gilman Road)
Georgetown Ct
Glen Rd.
Greenleaf St.
Grist Mill Ln.
Harrison Ct.
Hawthorne Circle
Hickory Ln
High St.
Hillside St.
Hillside St. (Church St. to Bates St.)
Hilltop Circle
Holbrook Road
Ipswich Ct.
Jonesport Ct.
Juniper Dr.
Killington Ct.
Lafayette Extension – Yarmouth (Pleasant to Gilman)
Lafayette St. (Marina Rd. to Pleasant St.)
Ledgewood Dr.
Ledgewood Dr. (partial)
Leighton Rd.
Leighton Rd. (Autumn Ln to E. Elm St.)
Liberty Ct.
Lone Pine Dr.
Madison Dr.
Main St. (E. Main St. to Summer St.)
Manchester Ct.
Marina Road
McCartney St.
McKerney Village Phase 1 (Hillside Road) – MS
McKerney Village Phase 2 (Hillside Road) – MS
Melissa Dr. (North Rd. to Rogers Rd.)
Melissa Dr. (Rogers Rd. to E. Elm St.)
Merrill Dr.
Newell Rd.
Newport Ct.
North Rd. (E. Main St. to Leighton Rd.)
Oakwood Dr.
Osterville Court
Pinewood Dr.
Pleasant St.
Portland St. (US 1 to Main St.)
Portsmouth Ct.
Quincy Ct.
Rainbow Farm Rd
Rand Rd.
Red Wagon Road
Rockport Ct.
Rogers Rd.
Rogers Rd. (partial)
Ryan Dr.
School Street
Sligo Road (600 feet west of West Main St.)
Sligo Road Development
South St. (partial)
Spring St.
Stockbridge Dr.
Stonington Ct
Stony Brook Ln
Summer St.
Tannery Ln.
Tyler Drive- Yarmouth
Upland Ln.
US 1 (E. Main St. to Forest Falls Dr.)
US 1 (Main St. to Yarmouth Woods)
Vespa Lane (partial)
W Main St (Summer St. to Stony Brook Ln)
W. Main St. (E.Elm St. to Summer St.)
West Elm Street
Willow St.
Woodbury St.
Yankee Dr.
Yarmouth Landing – Yarmouth (Baywood)

Use your mouse and the +,- buttons to navigate the map or enter your address in the search bar in the top right. The map legend can be found by clicking the icon in the upper left corner.

Summit Natural Gas of Maine has worked to provide you an interactive map that will help you determine where our construction crews may be located each week. This map will also inform you which streets are projected to get natural gas in 2017, which streets presently have live gas, as well as the projected date your street is expected to have gas turned on. Our map will even help you to determine if natural gas is available for or at your home by simply typing in your physical address in the search bar located at the top right hand corner of the map.

Note that any dates provided, whether for construction crews, gas service availability in 2017, or natural gas street availability, are all estimates that are subject to change. These dates are only meant as a guideline and are not exact, as they do not take into consideration unforeseen delays, bad weather conditions, or changes in circumstances. Do not convert your house to natural gas until you have confirmed with Summit that natural gas is now available in your area.

If you are a homeowner or a renter who would like more information on the progress of your street or if you are interested in natural gas contact our customer service department at 800-909-7642 ext. 6 or fill out the form below.

If you are not in our service area, but want natural gas, click here to find out who the gas distributor is in your area.