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“I would like to say how impressed I am with the service that my husband and I received from Summit Natural Gas. At the beginning of the summer we called Summit to talk with them about possibly running the gas line to our house. Summit helped us schedule contractors to come to the house and give us quotes on how much our project would cost. They followed up to answer any questions that we had about the quotes and kept in touch with us about where we were in the process. We decided to move ahead with the conversion so we lined up a contractor and by mid summer the work was complete. Summit even walked us through the credit and rebate process — at one point driving to our house so that we could sign a form that we needed to submit. We are very happy with the completed project and glad that we were able to upgrade to natural gas. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the service that we received from Summit Natural Gas and I would recommend them highly.”
Nicole Clement
“As a small-business manager, I’ve spent my winters worrying about propane deliveries, and had a truck here almost every week to make sure we had enough propane to run our business.

Once Summit had a gas line running down Route 1, it was hard to say no, from a business perspective.

The company has been accommodating with the construction schedule, working to ensure there’s not an impact on our ability to do business, and they’ve always sent people in ahead of time to let us know what’s going on.

For my business, converting to natural gas was an easy decision.”

Lisa Carver, Simply Home

Christ Church – Gardiner

“Natural gas has helped stabilize the church; it was clear that our expenses exceeded our income and switching to natural gas was the single most important thing we could do. With our new energy reduction plan, we will be able to allocate more funds for our community programs and help those in need.”
Richard Truman

Maine Schools – District 11

“Switching to natural gas has been great. At the end of last winter we made the switch and it made a noticeable difference in our heating costs. At the middle school, specifically, we are able to run our heat on just one natural gas boiler; with oil we had to use both boilers. With all three schools now running on natural gas, the savings will really add up.”
Jon Stonier

The City of Augusta

“The City of Augusta has found Summit to be excellent to work with – pragmatic flexible and fair. The city looks forward to the economic benefits from Summit’s commitment to having natural gas available to more than 50 percent of our residents and businesses by 2015, and 90 percent by 2019.”
Ralph St. Pierre


“We believe a pipeline will eliminate many of the disruptions we experienced with LNG. “It has been a long time coming, but appears to be in the fairly near future.”
Ray McMullin

Dignity Memorial

“I have nothing but positive things to say about the conversion to natural gas. Whenever I needed anything or had a question, Summit Natural Gas was always available. We decided to convert because of the cost saving and efficiency of these new units as opposed to the old oil furnaces. I will pay for my unit within the first 3 years of operation in my building, and now, we’re not wondering when the oil truck is going to go by. It’s tremendous.”
TJ Smart


“The opportunity to utilize natural gas is essential to maintain the competitive cost position of our Somerset Mill and is another example of our investment in Maine,” said Mark Gardner, president and chief executive officer, Sappi North America. “Thanks to Summit, we have established access to clean, economical natural gas; this is reducing our energy costs and is better for the environment, and will ensure the long-term profitability of our operations.”
Mark Gardner
“When I looked at my bill I couldn’t believe the cost savings. I really appreciate the effort from Summit to bring natural gas to this region and allow me to make the switch. I think it was a bold move for Summit Natural Gas to take on this challenge (bringing natural gas to the Kennebec Valley region), but they’ve delivered on their word.”
Paul Madore

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