Summit is committed to bringing natural gas to the Midcoast region but we need your help by letting us know you’re interested!

Summit Natural Gas delivers safe, clean, reliable, and efficient natural gas to residences and businesses in the Kennebec Valley area as well as Cumberland, Falmouth, and Yarmouth.

We are committed to continued growth and investment in Maine. The Midcoast area is one of the few remaining commercial centers in Maine without natural gas as an affordable, reliable, and efficient energy option. That’s why we are planning to expand our service to Belfast, Camden, Lincolnville, Northport, Rockland, Rockport, and Thomaston, with service starting at the end of 2022 in select areas throughout these communities.

  • Save money and energy with rebates of up to $3,300 for residential customers and $6,600 for commercial customers when you upgrade or replace your old heating equipment! *
  • Most service line installations are FREE! If your property is within 250 feet of our gas line, we will install your service line at little or no cost when you upgrade your primary heating system.




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Look forward to the Benefits of Natural Gas


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that natural gas is always there when you need it, even during winter storms and electrical outages. Natural gas can help provide reliable back-up power even in the harshest of conditions. Natural gas equipment is easier to repair and maintain which means lower maintenance costs for you. Your natural gas supply is always on and always “full”. Never worry about filling your propane tank again!

Upgrading your old heating system from oil to natural gas can reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 38%!* Natural gas provides the best overall energy value to heat your home, with gas furnaces and boilers up to 97% efficient. And with incentives and rebates from Summit Natural Gas, it’s more affordable than ever to convert to the warmth and convenience of natural gas.*


Natural gas is the fuel of choice for businesses of all sizes, including retail to restaurants, apartments and office buildings, hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, schools, and government buildings.

  • Natural gas furnaces and boilers are up to 97% efficient, and three times more efficient than electricity in providing energy for equipment and appliances*.
  • Heat your facility and enjoy dependable warmth and comfort even on the coldest days
  • Heat hot water for tenants and guests, cook meals and power dryers and other equipment
  • Keep the power on during storms and summer brownouts with back-up gas generators
  • Generate your own electricity with Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Provide welcoming amenities like gas fireplaces, patio heaters, ice-melt systems to keep sidewalks and driveways clear, and so much more.
  • Commercial rebates make converting to natural gas more affordable

No matter the size of your business, you need natural gas experts who can deliver tailor-made solutions and services that keep you up and running. Our Summit Solutions Team will help you navigate through the conversion process, and even help process your rebates.