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Summit Natural Gas is expanding into your neighborhood – but we need your interest to bring us there sooner!

Natural gas is the safe, reliable, clean-burning, versatile and energy-efficient way to keep your home or business comfortable all year round.

It’s conveniently piped directly to you, so it’s always there when you need it – with no deliveries to schedule, no paths to shovel to refill the tank, and no worries about running out of fuel.

Save money and energy with rebates!

  • Save up to $3,400 when you upgrade or replace your home’s old heating equipment, or
  • Save up to $6,650 when you upgrade your business’ primary heating system.
  • Sign up before April 30th to be eligible for an additional $150 in rebates!

Most service line installations are FREE!

If your property is within 250 feet of our gas line, we’ll install your service line at little or no cost when you upgrade your primary heating system.

Our Solutions Team makes it easy to convert to reliable natural gas! They’ll answer all your questions, coordinate schedules and assist you through the entire process.

Let’s all work together in getting natural gas to your neighborhood and one step closer to burning a cleaner, more efficient fuel for your home!

Call our Solutions Team today at 207-621-8000, Option 6