Love heating your home with reliable, energy-EFFICIENT NATURAL GAS?

Share the love with your friends and neighbors… and make a little $ too!

Tell your friends & neighbors how much you enjoy having natural gas from Summit Natural Gas and get rewarded with $50 CASH on every successful referral! All they have to do is list your name on their application, have natural gas installed in their home and you’ll qualify for the $50.*

By introducing your friends and neighbors to Summit Natural Gas, you’ll help them enjoy the benefits of reliable, energy-efficient natural gas service.

They’ll love the peace of mind that comes with never having to worry about fuel deliveries or empty tanks ever again! Share the love and watch the rewards add up!

“Summit Natural Gas is VERY fortunate to have Erika and Brooks in its employ! Erika does a great job staying on top of everything and Brooks did a wonderful job with the excavator work and organizing the work on site. ALL the guys you sent to install the gas line to my house were awesome! Brooks and his install team kept me and my neighbors informed and were very courteous to my neighbors during the construction process, which I appreciated. The man with the full beard that drives the excavator went above and beyond …which I appreciated very much! Summit has a great team. Thank you for doing an awesome job!!!!”

– John Law

Summit Natural Gas of Maine Customer

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  • To participate in the program, customer (“Referrer”) must be an active customer of Summit Natural Gas of Maine (“Summit”) with an active account number for at least 30 days. The non-customer (“Referral”) must convert their primary heating system to natural gas. Referral cannot have been a customer of Summit within the last 12 months from the date of referral.
  • A completed application by Referral listing the name and address of the Referrer is required. Only one referral is allowed per new service. There are no limits to the number of referrals that a Referrer can make in the program.
  • All personal information provided on the application will be kept confidential except to the extent disclosure is required to comply with applicable law.
  • If all requirements are met, the Referrer will receive a $50.00 check payment per referral which will be processed monthly.
  • All money awarded is considered taxable income and is subject to local, state, and federal taxes. If the value of the referrals reaches $600 or more in a calendar year, a 1099 tax form will be generated and mailed to you for tax reporting purposes. Summit recommends that you keep all statements sent to you for record keeping purposes.
  • Referrer is not entitled to collect on any referral made in violation of the program rules.
  • A Referrer cannot refer any property they own.
  • The following people are not eligible for this program:

    1. Employees of Summit Natural Gas of Maine.
    2. Anyone that is not an active customer with Summit Natural Gas of Maine.
  • Summit has the right to modify or end the program at any time without notice.


Checks for referrals will be awarded only after the Referral and Referrer satisfy all the rules for the Referral Program. Processing will take up to 30 days from the end of the first month in which both Referrer and Referral are active customers of Summit.