Letter to the Editor: Converting to Natural Gas was Good Business Decision

Any small business or homeowner in Maine, especially those in the three “battleground” towns mentioned in the recent article “Oil, gas companies in heated battle for customers north of Portland” (July 31), should be looking closely at their fuel options.

While the recent article focused on oil because it’s been the predominant fuel option in our state for a long time, it fails to mention propane.

As a small-business manager, I’ve spent my winters worrying about propane deliveries, and had a truck here almost every week to make sure we had enough propane to run our business.

Once Summit had a gas line running down Route 1, it was hard to say no, from a business perspective.

The company has been accommodating with the construction schedule, working to ensure there’s not an impact on our ability to do business, and they’ve always sent people in ahead of time to let us know what’s going on.

For my business, converting to natural gas was an easy decision.

Lisa Carver

Business Manager, Simply Home