Benefits of Natural Gas

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The benefits of converting to natural gas

Natural Gas is Affordable

  • Rebates to help convert: Use the Efficiency Maine and our efficiency rebates to upgrade to a high efficiency natural gas boiler.
  • Energy Efficiency: Converting to a high efficient natural gas boiler can reduce your consumption and lower your costs
  • Regulated prices: Natural gas prices are regulated and are set twice a year. There is no need to prepay to avoid winter price spikes.
  • Savings passed on to the consumer: If we have a warm winter, savings are passed on to the customer with lower summer rates.

Gives you Peace of Mind

  • Versatile: Natural gas can be used for more than just primary heat- you can improve reliability with natural gas dryers, water heaters , fireplaces & stoves
  • No Scheduling of Deliveries: Natural Gas is piped directly to your home so it’s there when you need it.
  • Reliable: Many gas appliances will still operate when the electricity goes down so you can stay warm, shower and cook!
  • Pay for what you use- No need to pre-pay for your fuel to insure predictability of prices
  • We are simplifying the conversion process: We have a team of HVAC industry veterans that will answer questions and can help with rebates

Start experiencing the benefits yourself!

Helping to Improve Maine

  • Natural gas is produced in North America
  • Creates jobs– More than 250 Maine residents and contractors employed. The natural gas industry supports more than 2.8 million jobs in the U.S.
  • Invested in Infrastructure: Summit Natural Gas has Invested $320 million in construction since 2013
  • Paid Local Property Taxes: Summit Natural Gas has paid $1.5 million in property taxes to the communities we serve.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: In the last three years Summit has invested over $2.5 million dollars in helping Maine become more energy efficient

Clean & Efficient

  • It’s a cleaner fuel: It has fewer impurities -almost no sulfur dioxide, dissolved solids or airborne particulates and produces about 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal, about 30 percent less than oil, and about 15 percent less than wood.
  • Natural gas appliances are faster and use less energy than electric appliances.
    • Natural gas dryers use less energy and can dry clothes faster than electric dryers.
    • Natural gas hot water heaters heat water twice as fast as electric water heaters.