Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas

/Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas
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Start living the benefits of natural gas by following our 2 step process below!

The benefits of converting to natural gas

Natural Gas is Affordable

  • Get Paid to Upgrade with our 2018 Promotional Rebates to help you switch!
  • Better Efficiency means reduced consumption and lower costs
  • State regulated pricing
  • Only pay for what you use… No Prepaying!

Gives you Peace of Mind

  • Most versatile fuel that can be used for much more than just heat
  • No more delivery hassles, no running out. Natural Gas is piped directly to your home so it’s there when you need it.
  • Many gas appliances will still operate when the electricity goes down so you can stay warm, shower and cook!
  • Dedicated team of HVAC industry veterans to help simplifying the conversion process

Helping to Improve Maine

  • Natural gas is an abundant North American resource
  • Creates local jobs and powering local businesses
  • Dedicated to investing in state and local infrastructure
  • Investing millions to help improve Maine’s energy efficiency

Clean & Efficient

  • It’s a cleaner burning fuel that produces about 30% less carbon dioxide than heating oil
  • Natural gas appliances like clothes dryers and water heaters are faster and use less energy than appliances that run off alternative power.

Your electricity isn’t delivered by a truck… so, why is your heat?

Ready to move on from deliveries, pre-paying for fuel and the worry of an empty tank at the worst time?  Switching to natural gas is easier and more affordable than you think with our 2018 Promotional Rebates!

Step 1)  See if natural gas is available on your street

Step 2)  Fill out the form below.

A member of our Solutions Team is ready to help you through the process.