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5 Ways Natural Gas will Impact You

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Eric Earnest, Tim Johnston and Mike Earnest helped turn on gas for the Kennebec Valley and beyond
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Summit Natural Gas of Maine

We are an Augusta, Maine-based company providing North America-sourced natural gas to homes and businesses in 17 communities in Kennebec Valley as well as expansion into Cumberland, Falmouth, and Yarmouth.


Summit Natural Gas of Maine has already installed more than 130 miles of pipeline in central Maine which will create more than 400 jobs by building a natural gas pipeline to serve 15,000 homes and businesses in the Kennebec Valley within five years. Additionally, we plan to install nearly 250 miles of pipeline in Cumberland, Falmouth, and Yarmouth creating an estimated 200 jobs, which will serve about 8,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the three towns over the next five years. View our Cumberland, Falmouth, and Yarmouth groundbreaking ceremony which took place May 2, 2014.

Learn about the "5 Ways Natural Gas Will Impact You."

"We look forward to working with Summit to establish access to clean, economical natural gas, which we foresee will ultimately reduce fuel costs, be better for the environment, and ensure the long-term profitability of our operations."

-Mark Gardner,
Sappi president and chief executive officer


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Gas Safety

Summit Natural Gas is dedicated to your safetySafety is of the highest importance in the natural gas industry. If you believe you have a natural gas emergency, call 1-866-664-0912.


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