At Summit, we believe that being a good corporate citizen and neighbor is essential to our mission and ability to operate an ethical and productive business. Because of this, we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities throughout our operation and company goals. As part of our ESG efforts, we recently published our 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report which highlights an overview of Summit’s commitment to ESG practices as it works to deliver a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable fuel option to our residents and businesses.

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We know that the current situation has been hard on many of our community members, and we want to help. Summit Natural Gas of Maine has partnered with local weatherization and low-income assistance providers to assist our customers who need a little extra help.

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Tell your friends and neighbors how much you enjoy having natural gas and get rewarded with $250 on every successful referral! All your friend has to do is list your name on their application for service and convert their primary heating system to natural gas, and you’ll qualify for the $250 – and they’ll receive $250, too!

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Team members participated in two socially distant VTO days! We had the pleasure of creating a brand new trail on land that was recently donated to the Royal River Conservation Trust in North Yarmouth. It was so exciting to see a trail appear over two days where there was nothing but trees and brush before. We were able to reconnect with our colleagues, meet members of the community, and have a lot of sweaty fun!

Summit Utilities announced their approval by the Gold Shovel Association to obtain a Gold Shovel Standard Certification. The Gold Shovel Standard is a safety program created to raise the bar for excavation safety performance and ensure that contractors doing excavation work demonstrate a commitment to safe digging.

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Many of us are making home improvements before winter comes, and it’s important to note, even for you seasoned DIYers, you need to call 8-1-1 before you put that shovel in the ground! It’s free, it’s easy and it’s the law. A majority of gas pipeline leaks occur as a result of individuals digging on their own property, and our safety brochure covers what to do if you suspect a leak, information on safe digging, utility line markers and much more!

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