There’s no better time to switch! Start enjoying the benefits of natural gas!


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that natural gas is always there when you need it, even during winter storms and electrical outages. Natural gas provides reliable back-up power even in the harshest of Maine winters, and it’s conveniently piped directly to your property, so you’ll never run out of fuel.


A natural gas heating system will provide warmth and comfort even in the coldest of temperatures. Plus, you can use natural gas to do more around your home, such as enjoy never-ending hot water on demand, faster clothes drying, uniform heat for better cooking, reliable power for back-up generators you can depend on if the power goes out, and a relaxing evening by a beautiful gas fireplace.

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Natural gas provides the best overall energy value to heat your home, with gas furnaces and boilers up to 97% efficient. And with incentives and rebates from Summit Natural Gas, it’s more affordable than ever to convert to the warmth and convenience of natural gas.


Natural gas burns cleanly and efficiently, helping maintain a cleaner environment indoors and out. Natural gas can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 27%*. Here in Maine, Summit Natural Gas has invested over $3 Million in energy efficiency to help people like you make their homes and businesses more energy efficient. That helps reduce emissions, too – and that’s better for everyone in Maine.

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