Benefits to Home Sellers

  • According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homes with natural gas have a 4% higher resale value than those with oil or propane.
  • The convenience and reliability of natural gas is an attractive selling point.
  • Most out-of-state buyers have experience with natural gas and would more than likely opt for a home with natural gas over the alternatives.
  • Improve your curb appeal and useable square footage by removing unsightly oil or propane tanks.
  • High efficiency natural gas water heaters and appliances are more desirable than oil, propane or electric alternatives.
  • One of the biggest selling points in a home is having an updated kitchen, especially if it features a natural gas range or cook-top.

Benefits to Home Buyers

  • You can easily add the cost of converting your future home to natural gas into your new mortgage.
  • Less maintenance: Natural gas furnaces and boilers require very little maintenance and cleaning. There are no ashes to worry about, unlike oil furnaces and boilers that must be cleaned and maintained due to dirt and soot buildup. Natural gas equipment is cleaner and quieter than oil systems, too.
  • Natural gas is convenient and reliable! No need to shovel a path to make it easy for delivery drivers to fill your tank, no need to schedule deliveries and no fear of running out. It’s delivered right to your home with state of the art underground system that’s safe and reliable. Many natural gas appliances can also be used when the electricity goes out.
  • You only pay for what you use! No need to prepay to lock into a price or ensure delivery.
  • Natural gas can help reduce your energy consumption! Natural gas boilers are up to 95% efficient, and furnaces up to 98% efficient. Water heaters can recover faster and heat twice as fast as electric, and clothes dryers can dry in half the time of their electric counterparts!
  • Natural gas is safe –Safety is our number one priority when it comes to our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve. We cultivate a safety-driven work environment, and all our employees, as well as our contractors and suppliers, are expected to place the utmost importance on safety. Our employees are trained to monitor and inspect our pipeline system and respond quickly to any natural gas emergency. We work diligently to ensure pipeline safety in a variety of ways including inspection programs, public education, pipeline markers, facility mapping, surveys, patrolling, pressure monitoring, odorization, and liaison with public officials.

    • Natural gas pipelines are among the safest fuel transportation systems in the world. With more than 2.5 million miles of natural gas pipelines nationwide, natural gas serves nearly 67 million homes, almost 200,000 factories and 5.4 million businesses.
    • The natural gas industry has a long-standing record of providing natural gas service safely and effectively to more than 177 million Americans and is dedicated to the continued enhancement of natural gas pipeline safety.
    • Natural gas pipelines are tested, monitored, and maintained using the latest technology 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In fact, many systems contain sensors designed to detect changes in pressure, and many include automatic shuts off valves that isolate leaks. In addition, natural gas utilities spend more than $22 billion annually to help enhance the safety or natural gas distribution and transmission systems

Real Estate Partners

Real Estate Partners play an important role in helping Maine achieve a more energy-efficient economy. One way agents can make an impact is through educating their clients on the environmental and economic benefits of making Maine homes more energy efficient – and comfortable – with natural gas.

If your Real Estate agency is interested in becoming a partner, we’d love to set up a lunch to help you learn more about the benefits of natural gas for both home buyers and home sellers. Topics include the benefits of converting a home that is for sale, safety, carbon reduction initiatives and more.

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