Need Help Paying Your Bill?

Warmth isn’t just a necessity; it’s an indispensable part of our daily lives.

We understand that life can bring unexpected challenges, and we’re here to provide the support you need to ensure you and your loved ones stay warm and comfortable. Explore these options for the variety of ways we provide payment assistance to those in need, or reach out to a helpful customer representative.

Summit’s Low-Income Program

To support our customers in need, we’ve developed a Low-income Program to help those currently receiving state or federal low-income home energy assistance (LIHEAP) with additional assistance.

Qualifying customers receiving LIHEAP assistance will be automatically enrolled in the program and will see it reflected as a credit on future bills. Customers who are eligible for LIHEAP but do not receive funds due to LIHEAP funding limitations are also eligible for the program with proof of eligibility. Those customers are encouraged to contact us at 800-909-7642 or email Customers enrolled in the Low-income Program will see a 28% reduction on their Facility and Distribution charges.

The Low-income Program will include a fixed per-person/customer Low income Program Recovery Charge to collect the total annual discount represented in the program. Right now, that charge is only $2.43 a year, spread out over twelve months. Any amount recovered that exceeds the estimated cost of the program will be put toward the following year’s cost.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available to eligible low-income households for home heating needs through federally funded programs and crisis assistance offered by various state counties.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

This federally funded program helps pay heating costs for eligible customers. Learn more about the program and how to apply.


211 and the United Way offer many services, including helpful resources and referrals for energy assistance. Dial 211 to see if you qualify for help, or visit your state’s 211 website for more information.

Additional Resources

We have compiled a list of additional programs that can help pay heating costs for eligible customers.

Deposit Waiver for Victims of Domestic Crimes

Summit Natural Gas of Maine will waive the deposit required to establish new services for victims of domestic crimes. To apply for the waiver, click here.

Medical Emergencies

We will not turn off a customer’s service if we receive a certificate from a doctor stating that shutting off the gas would aggravate a serious illness or create a substantial risk of death or grave illness for the customer or other permanent resident of the premises where service is provided. Medical certificates can be requested by calling our office. The certificate should identify the patient, the medical emergency, specify the likely effects on the health of the individual from discontinuing gas service, and the time during which cutting off the gas would endanger the individual. A telephone call from a doctor or nurse, nurse practitioner or public agency is acceptable if a certificate is received within seven days after the phone call. Summit Natural Gas of Maine shall not be required to continue to provide service for longer than 30 days unless the medical certificate is renewed before the certificate expires; and the certificate can only be renewed once in a 12 month period. Please call our Customer Service Department at 800-909-7642 for more information.

Please note: a medical emergency does not cancel the bill. If requested, we can provide you a list of local financial assistance agencies or work with you to set up a delayed payment agreement.

Low-Income Weatherization Program

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