How Does Natural Gas Get To Your Home or Business?

Natural Gas Wells

  • Sourced in North America for North America
  • Gas supply comes from wells and pumps that bring it to the surface

Compressor Station

  • Once pumped, the gas is collected and compressed at a compressor station before it moves on to the transmission lines

Transmission Line

  • Gas is then sent to Maine by an interstate transmission pipeline

Metering Station

  • Summit Natural gas receives the gas via the metering station where gas is temporarily stored for transportation to regulator stations
  • Steel transmission pipelines are then used to transport gas to regulator stations

Regulator Station

  • Once at the regulator station, gas pressure to distribution mains is reduced
  • Distribution mains are made with safe plastic and are installed in our service areas for distribution

Customer Delivery

  • Distribution mains allow us to safely transport gas to our valued customers