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Summit Solutions Team

Converting to natural gas should be a stress-free process that adds more comfort and convenience to your life. That is why we have created a simple and solutions-driven process just for you!

Our Summit Solutions Team is here to guide you every step of the way. From selecting an HVAC contractor, obtaining quotes and processing rebates, it is our pleasure to help you with your natural gas conversion.

Call us at 800.909.7642 ext. 6 for assistance with your conversion!



My service line was just installed… NOW WHAT?

  • Notify your HVAC contractor that you want to schedule your conversion.
  • Once you have your conversion scheduled, have your HVAC contractor call us to schedule a day and time to have your meter installed and your gas turned on.

    – Summit’s operation team is available 7am-4pm, Mon-Fri

    – Your contractor should give the operations team at least 48 hours advance notice prior to the scheduled day/time for your meter installation.

  • Call our Summit Solutions Team with any questions or concerns about your service line or conversion plans at 800.909.7642 ext. 6