Summit Volunteers at the Skowhegan Recreational Center

December 17th, 2015

Residential Sales rep Erin Savage sits with her basketball team of 3 and 4 year olds at the Skowhegan Rec Center last Monday night. The basketball program, which is held every Monday night, is called Start Smart and encourages parents to participate to positively reinforce basic fundamentals, rules and more importantly to have fun and love participating in a sport.

Having played sports throughout high school, Erin knows the importance of team work and comradery and strives to teach that to the children she coaches. “Being part of any team is great for a kids health and self-esteem at any age. Being a coach is so rewarding a fun, I look forward to helping the local recreation centers out for many years to come. What’s also great is that Summit Natural Gas of Maine encourages me to get out there and spend that time in the community in any way possible, it’s great to work for a team like Summit.”