With natural gas delivered by Summit you can lower your home or business heating cost significantly!

Heating with natural gas in Maine just plain makes sense. Imagine never having to look at a nearly empty heating oil tank. Imagine never having to call or wait for an oil delivery. And, imagine having the convenience and reliability of natural gas at your fingertips. Summit Natural Gas of Maine looks forward to making these scenarios a reality for thousands of customers in the Kennebec Valley region.

Choose Summit If:

  • You want to lower your energy costs.
  • You want rebates to help lower the cost of converting from oil or propane to natural gas.
  • You want a company experienced in delivering natural gas to more than 35,000 customers with growing numbers of new customers in Maine.
  • You want a company with a strong safety record having provided service to more than 35,000 customers for more than 18 years without a major accident.
  • You want to do business with a Maine–based company staffed by experienced, expert, professional, and friendly Maine people who are committed to the highest quality customer service.