Take control of your winter heating bills with Budget Billing!


Winter heating bills can often be a source of worry for many households, but we can help alleviate some of the stress with our free Budget Billing Plan. Budget Billing enables you to pay your annual energy bill in average monthly payments to avoid the seasonal ups and downs of your natural gas bills.

Switching to Summit’s Budget Billing plan helps to make payments for your heating bills more predictable and manageable by spreading the cost out over the year. This will not reduce your annual heating cost, but it will help you budget by billing you the average amount based on the last 12 months, each month.

When you enroll in Budget Billing, we’ll determine your average monthly payment amount for your household based on your past energy usage. This helps your monthly gas bill remain more consistent and predictable, regardless of changes in your actual energy usage throughout the year. This is particularly helpful during the winter months when energy usage tends to peak due to increased heating needs.

How Summit’s Budget Billing works

Budget Billing is based on the previous 12-months’ average and adjusts to keep your payments more predictable every month. Your initial Budget Bill amount will be determined by computing an annual estimate using the actual bill amounts for your account’s most recent 12-month period and dividing the result into 11 equal monthly payments. The monthly payment amount will be rounded to the next whole dollar. The billing for the 12th month of the Budget Billing Plan year will reflect the actual usage for that month adjusted for any over-collection or under-collection for the previous 11 months of the Budget Billing Plan year. Your Budget Bill amount may be adjusted to minimize the chance of a large difference at the end of the Budget Billing Plan year.

Not only can Budget Billing help you avoid unexpected high bills, it can also help you manage your household budget by knowing ahead of time about how much your monthly gas bill will be, so you can plan accordingly.

Enjoy a more stress-free winter by enrolling in Budget Billing today!

To sign up, log in to your account or create an online account by clicking the Login/Register link at the top of the page. Once you’re logged into our self-service portal, choose “Budget Billing” located under the Payment Options tab. Or you can reach out to our Customer Support team to assist you by calling 800-909-7642. Your Budget Billing plan will begin the following month.

Need help paying your bill? If you are having trouble paying your natural gas bill, please contact us right away for assistance; don’t wait until you receive a disconnection/shut-off notice or your natural gas service has been disconnected. Financial assistance may be available to eligible low-income households for home heating needs through federally funded programs and crisis assistance offered by counties. Visit our Payment Assistance page for links to programs near you.